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October 2016

Ideas, Tips and Advice for Small Businesses


Current Update

        Smart ways of improving staffing. More here.

        Five common small business success factors More here.

        A unique furniture company. Click here

        To add profits, Provide Good Customer Service!

        Fall clean-up important step in remaining profitable.

        Five top bias busters for small businesses.

        Five tips to avoid litigation.

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Small Business Digest Trends...

What is the small business outlook for 2017?

Small business leaders think 2017 will improve economy but national debt and lingering unemployment still vexing profits. Dan Perkins, Commentator


Ask the Experts...

What are some of the key factors in small business success? 

Passion and commitment, Understanding the importance of customer service, Attention to the bottom-line, Choosing the right employees and partners, Ability to bounce back from adversity, Balancing work/life commitment, Experts From Recalculating, the book. JoAnn Laing, blogger



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