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Key Trend To Watch: As the months dwindle towards October 1 healthcare insurance option period for empoloyees, small business leaders are increasingly worried about their offerings. Little is being said about this outside of anger directed at proposed new law. Congress also faces tought choices on tax bill. President Trump cabinet leaders continue to hack away at Obama regulation, gaining cheers from small business leaders.

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New Book:  97+ Experts Advise On Growing Small Businesses

By JoAnn Laing

Making Social Media Work For Your Small Business.

Social media can be an effective promotional tool for any small business.
The secret is finding the right combination of internal resources and external talent.
Few companies are equipped to drive social media efforts alone. Those that try often run up against a wall of mounting experience and limited internal resources. That is not to say having an internal leader driving the social media efforts can’t work.
Take for example Muscle Egg, a North Dakota company offering consumers an enriched egg white product. The company was not satisfied with its social media partner and hired Joe Gonzalez to come in-house and direct their efforts.
In three years, Gonzalez has totally revamped Muscle Egg’s social media effort delivering robust returns to their promotional efforts.
But for every Muscle Egg success story, there are numerous failures in this rapidly changing social media landscape.
Experts say small companies need to concentrate on their products and let the full-time devotees of the craft pound away at the social media landscape.

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